Social Media Marketing Company in India

Best Social Media Marketing Company in India

Looking for the best social media marketing company in India? Acemakers Technologies Pvt Ltd is the leading social media marketing agency in India offering social media marketing services like Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest for small size businesses to large size businesses. Social media marketing is the technique of attracting customers or attention on social media platforms to make money for a company. 

We provide a variety of services, such as content production, campaign management, influencer collaborations, and analytics, using our knowledge of digital marketing methods. Acemakers Technologies plays a critical role in assisting their clients in India with brand visibility, customer acquisition, and business success by fully using the enormous reach and engagement potential of social media.

What is Social Media Marketing?

In marketing, it is frequently stated that the greatest approach to selling your goods and services is to be where your potential clients are—at the moment, that is social media. Social media marketing is certainly essential given that over 58% of people worldwide use social media. The creation of unique content for each social media platform is a component of social media marketing, which aims to increase interaction and advance your company. Acemkaers Technologies is considered a social media marketing company in India. It’s crucial to select a reputable social media marketing company, like Acemakers, to boost creativity and expand the reach of your company.


Our social media marketing specialists have a thorough understanding of every aspect of the field and have crafted a reliable social media marketing plan to support your campaign. The objective is to boost website traffic, lead generation, brand exposure, sales, and client loyalty. Social media marketing uses the strength of social networks to reach a large audience, forge connections, and establish a favorable brand reputation online.

Our Firm Includes Social Media Services

When you choose to work with us for social media marketing services, our subject matter specialists can assist you in choosing the best social media marketing platforms for your company and its products. Acemakers Technologies is the best digital social media marketing company in India. We are fully capable of launching, managing, and monitoring social media advertising campaigns including:-

Facebook Advertising
Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising campaigns give advertisers the option to highlight both text and images during the ad campaign to ensure the best possible audience connection. You can target your audience based on their location, topography, personal preferences, as well as the amount you want to pay per click. Nearly 900 million people use Facebook each month, clocking more than 700 billion minutes.

Youtube Advertising

The second most popular search engine is YouTube, which has a larger audience than any cable network. Unlike when you advertise on television, a YouTube marketing campaign enables advertisers to concentrate on their target demographic. Furthermore, advertising on Youtube is as simple as linking your Adwords account.

Twitter Advertising
Twitter Advertising

Twitter lets you specify the goal of your business marketing campaigns such as website clicks, Twitter engagements, app installs, or engagement, followers, even leads, and it only costs you when the activity you requested happens. Twitter also permits a maximum cost per action and a daily budget limit.

Linkedin Advertising

Our LinkedIn advertising services primarily target B2B clients. Approximately four out of every five business choices are made by members of LinkedIn, who also have twice the purchasing power of users of other social media platforms. Linkedin Ads comes with two payment choices: cost per click and cost per thousand impressions.

Linkedin Advertising
Instagram Advertising

Instagram ads are posts that promote a business’s product or services. The posts may show up in a variety of places, such as an Instagram feed, stories, or both. Along with writing and a link to the company’s preferred web page, they may also contain photos or videos.

Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat ads are 10-second full-screen vertical videos that show up in between watching friends’ stories. These advertisements are displayed on Snapchat before or after content like User Stories, Publishers, Creators, and Our Stories. You can include an attachment with your image or video so that the viewer can quickly take action, such as visiting your website or downloading your app.

Snapchat Advertising

Why Social Media Marketing is Important for Your Business?

People enjoy visiting the social media accounts of brands and companies to learn more about them in the fast-paced world of today. They can comprehend what is being said about the brand by others as a result. Therefore, it would be a serious error if a potential consumer searched for you on social media, let’s say Facebook, and you weren’t there. In the long run, you wind up losing important results.

  • 71% of customers are inclined to recommend a brand to friends and family after a positive social media interaction.
  • 90.4 percent of Millennials, 77.5 percent of Generation X, and 48.2 percent of Baby Boomers are active social media users.
  • Facebook has 2.7 billion monthly active users alone.

Social media could be used by brands who want to know more about the interests and preferences of their customers. To achieve long-term commercial growth, smart businesses will continue to invest in social media marketing services, according to experts. Acemakers Technologies is a renowned social media marketing company in India.

How Does Social Media Marketing Benefit Businesses Today?

Social media marketing services have the power to significantly increase the value of your company, regardless of whether you are a start-up, a small or medium firm, or a multinational corporation. However, to do that, you must opt for a social media strategy that has been carefully planned. According to a number of studies, brands can increase high-quality traffic, search performance, customer engagement, and most importantly, unrivaled brand loyalty by conducting carefully targeted social media marketing. The power of social media platforms may be effectively used by social media marketing company in India to increase brand visibility and engage target customers. Here are some of the big benefits of choosing social media marketing:-

  • Better SEO rankings: Multiple research studies have demonstrated that search engines like Google evaluate a brand’s social media presence when determining its ranking. Search engines closely monitor the social activities taking place around the brand.
  • Precise targeting: Social media marketing helps brands and marketers in reaching out to the right audience at the right time and in the right manner. Most of the time, they have a variety of options for audience selection, including geography, age, digital preferences, and a number of others. 
  • Improved exposure: When a brand enjoys a great presence on leading social media platforms like Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook, it is bound to get more exposure. So it is necessary to have a solid social media marketing agency and strategy to increase the likelihood of getting better results in terms of augmented exposure. 
  • Better trust among competitors: Being a reputed social media marketing agency, Acemakers Technologies can help to create insight-driven content that can help in instigating meaningful conversations with audiences. 
  • Better market research: More than half of people now conduct product research via social media. Brands can take advantage of improved prospects by exhibiting their goods in a far more captivating and outstanding way. 
  • Better points: Both large organizations and small businesses can benefit from social media marketing because it is an inexpensive way to connect with their prospective clients. At Acemakers Technologies, our social media marketing services are directed toward improving your brand awareness and getting more people talking about your brand.

What is the Work of a Social Media Marketing Company?

A social media marketing agency in India uses a team of experts, tools, and insights to produce outstanding results because managing a brand or company’s daily social media activities is the main responsibility of any social media marketing campaign. The main goal of a social media marketing company in India is to help you locate and interact with your target audience while also delivering measurable results. A social media agency can help with three main services, which are:-

  1. Social media management: A social media agency will collaborate with you to identify your target market, the best social media platforms for your requirements, and the best ways to create excellent content that can be shared frequently.
  2. Social media advertising: A social media agency may utilize paid social media advertising to support your organic efforts. You can target particular demographics or segments with paid social advertising to reach the proper audience.
  3. Social media strategy & reporting: Social service organizations frequently concentrate on the following criteria when it comes to reporting and ongoing strategy:-
  • Ad effectiveness for your target audience
  • Cost per lead or outcome
  • Accumulated sales, leads, or prospects

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

For businesses, social media marketing has several benefits. First off, it offers a competitive opportunity to get in front of a big audience. Businesses may target particular demographics and engage with potential customers at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional advertising strategies. Acemakers Technologies is the leading social media marketing company in India. An advantage of a social media marketing agency is that it may provide affordable ways to reach a large audience.

  • Brand awareness: Companies can communicate with their target audience on well-known social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Instagram, which helps to raise brand awareness.
  • Cost-effective: Advertising via social media is very cost-effective in comparison to traditional advertising.
  • Platform advertising: Social media offers a level playing field for advertising, whether the firm is a startup, a major corporation, or a medium-sized business. For companies of any size, the expense of brand promotion is manageable.
  • Targeted audience: The important advantage of SMM for companies over traditional advertising is the ability to snipe your targeted audience based on behavior, interests, demographics, and job titles. 
  • Global exposure: Social media enables firms to reach a global audience. It removes all geographical restrictions and saves the business the expense of opening physical locations in each target country.
  • Higher conversion rates: Every post on your social media brand page, whether it’s an image, a video, or an animation, directs someone to your website and makes them a loyal consumer.
  • Improved brand authority: Social networking gives a brand a credible appearance. People are more willing to believe specialists or authorities on a given subject or field of effort.
  • Better customer interaction: On social media, businesses may communicate with their customers and vice versa. As the voice of your business, social media lends a human touch to your brand.
  • Rise in incoming traffic: Apart from SEO and PPC, social media contributes to an increase in incoming traffic from Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Google Plus.
  • Powerful brand insights: Social media analytical tools give you useful information about your most popular product or service and the demographics of your target market. 

Social Media Marketing Services in India by Acemakers

Acemakers Technologies- a core believer in survival of the freshest is a leading social media marketing company and agency in India, offering full social media marketing services India solutions, including campaign conception through execution, content planning, laser-focused ad targeting, expert live-video streaming, competitions, influencer outreach, viral video promotion, and monthly social tracking & reporting.

What Makes our Acemakers Social Media Marketing Agency Better than Other Agencies and Companies?

A social media marketing company in India has several characteristics that distinguish it from other agencies and make it a top choice for companies. 

  • Creativity: The quality that differentiates us from our rivals is creativity. We go beyond conventional ways of thinking and developing when providing our SMM services and adopt a creative and innovative approach.
  • Uniqueness: Our social media marketing company employs distinctive methods. We have original ideas and a straightforward strategy. 
  • Patience: When aiming for client happiness, patience is crucial. Acemakers Technologies waits patiently for the customer to approve the work before moving further.
  • Innovation: The social media marketing services by Acemakers Technologies are eminent for the level of innovation it incorporates.

Why Choose Acemakers Technologies?

Acemakers Technologies is one of the pioneering social media marketing company in India. We have years of experience and a staff of knowledgeable social media specialists. So we know what it takes to assist brands and businesses in maintaining an outstanding presence across a variety of social media platforms.

  • Wide range of services: The Acemakers team may offer several forms of assistance with social media marketing, including social media advertising. You can rely on our team for everything related to social media.
  • Social media strategy: Acemakers Technologies approaches each social media marketing project we work on with a tailored strategy. This is due to our belief that each business is unique and that it is unnecessary to approach social media management in general. 
  • Timely reports: Along with designating specialized account managers, we also make sure that our clients are kept informed of all activity on their social media platforms and performance.
  • Organic marketing: organic marketing is a digital marketing technique that aids in naturally generating visitors to your website. It aims to raise brand awareness and bring traffic to landing pages.
  • Paid marketing: Paid marketing is a general term for any kind of digital advertising approach in which a brand develops promotional content for users based on those users’ interests.

Social networking websites are utilized for marketing goals through a type of Internet marketing known as social media marketing (SMM).

  • Increased brand authority
  • Higher conversion
  • Improved brand loyalty
  • Builds relationship

Acemakers Technologies’ reporting is purely based on the SMM package that was selected. It usually occurs every month or every week, so you can anticipate it.

  • Multi-channel marketing experience
  • Content development capabilities
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Timely reporting