Refund Policy

At Acemakers Technologies Pvt Ltd, our Refund Policy is based on standardized practices that strictly follow industrial norms. We accept fair assessment procedures, and all refund requests are handled according to stringent guidelines to ensure that the judgments are appropriate and consensual. Our policies are handled with the proper steps to resolve various claims that result from varied needs and business circumstances.

Coverage & Scope

This Refund Policy covers Acemakers Technologies action and approach towards refunds. This Refund Policy does not cover the actions of organizations or people that Acemakers does not own, manage or control including any contractually obligated third-party service or product suppliers and any third-party websites that are linked from Acemakers websites.

When Do You Qualify For Refunds?

When you file a complaint to Acemakers Technologies, We first try to offer the best possible solution to the problem you are facing. Your matter is initially presented to the technical staff, after which it is further reported to the expert panel. Refunds are only given under unusual circumstances when there is no hope of resolving the problem. When making plans for reimbursements, we assess the case’s validity and soundness by applying various factors. If these requirements are met, a refund might be granted.

  • post-sales/development operations have not yet started.
  • The project’s issues are beyond what can be corrected, resolved, or resolved.
  • You have not violated our payment terms.
  • You didn’t use any information you learned from the associate for financial or professional gain.
  • The reasons you made are rational/valid/realistic enough to qualify for a fund trial.
  • Must be able to demonstrate creative UI design and programming abilities, as well as an understanding of what makes an app alluring and addictive.
  • You have presented all the evidence and proofs surfacing your refund claim.
  • The claim is linked to any billing issues that your bank or payment processor may be facing.

How Does The Reund Takes Place?

  • Pre-Refund:-
    • Refund query is analyzed, processed and checked for veracity
    • Resolve the query using acceptable parameters and reliable references.
    • Set up refunds as appropriate and settle fully or partially as necessary.
  • Post-Refund:-
    • Sign a proof of agreement
    • Unless otherwise instructed, you delete any copies of communications and information that were exchanged properly.
  • Transaction:-
    • Once the refund agreement has been completed, the refund may take 7-10 business days to process.

The same currency that you were charged will be used for your return. If this is not your home currency, your bank may incur conversion costs or a change in the exchange rate may have caused a discrepancy between the amount reimbursed and the amount you initially paid (in your home currency).