Why you are Not Ranking Where You Should Be, Know How to Fix It

Why you are Not Ranking Where You Should Be: Have you ever notice why you are not ranking on Top of the Google Search Engine Result page even after doing good SEO?? No, Don’t worry, in this article we are guiding you about how to fix Ranking issue and improve your website Ranking.

You have duplicate content on your website

As we know, Content is only thing which increases website ranking on the SERP Page. Before you start write about any topic make sure you have proper knowledge about it. Always try to provide informative details in your article. Your Content should be relevant and unique. By the use of keyword planner you can check the Top keywords and use them into your content. If your content is duplicate it means all the efforts you are giving to increase the ranking is useless, it only gives you zero output. There are various online tool, by the help of them you can check your site content and if any error is occur, solve them before Google gives you low ranking. Avoid canonical URLs.

Why you are Not Ranking Where You Should Be

Meta tags not Optimized

For any article or blog, Meta Data is very important because search engine uses it to find out what your content related to. Always use your focus keyword into your Meta description and provide only important details, it helps search engine to give you good rank. When any user perform query in the SERP page regarding your article, then below the title 2-3 line description we can see, search engine highlight the word that is searched by the user in the meta description. For any query or more information visit: http://theacemakers.com

Register your Business with Google My Business

 If you are still not register you business into Google My Business then don’t be delay, Register now by the help of following steps. It is very easy and free procedure that actually helps your SEO. Google is a search engine that only looks for the quickest and easiest way to delivering and finding relevant results. Create a fresh account is very simple procedure just visit on the Google My Business Page. Fix the problem of Why you are Not Ranking Where You Should Be.

  • Click on “Start Now” tab given on the Right top of the corner.
  • Type your business name and hit on “Next” tab.
  • Then you will be redirected on another page where you should have to fill your business information such as your address, pin code then follow the further steps
  • The more specific business information, Google quickly places your business and target right audience correctly. This is the best way to get instant rank in Google in short time.

You’re not leveraging social signals

Social Media is very important part to promote your business in the online market. But it is only possible when you have proper knowledge and strategy to target your audience. There are various social media channel through them you can easily target your audience. Do competitor analysis, it is the best way to find out the weakness and strength of your competitor.

Your Website should be mobile friendly

In today’s world large number of people connected through mobile phone. If your website is not mobile friendly it means you are losing your users. Make your website mobile friendly so that user can easily find you.

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