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A bounce rate is a sign how your website is performing. Therefore, The Bounce Rate in Google Analytics is one of the most frequent metrics use by entrepreneurs and analysts. Recently new Google analytics is released and it have completely new interface.
And with this in GA4 many users couldn’t able see bounce rate option. So in this article we will help you to find out how to find bounce rate in GA4 and how to reduce bounce rate by doing best practices.

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What is the bounce rate in Google Analytics?

For the reader who don’t know what is the bounce rate in Google Analytics, here is the quick recap about Bounce rate.

When a visitor visits a website and leaves the page without viewing any different web page is considered a bounce.
This means the more bounce rate the less engaging website.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate?

Your website’s target audience should be your main focus rather than attracting as many people as possible. Consider a person who enjoys playing video games who also enjoys browsing science-related websites and doing a little reading. Try to only attract visitors to your websites who are enthusiastic about your niche. You accomplish this by selecting relevant keywords for your article. On your website or blog, create numerous pages with loads of original information. Give a solid meta description and title so that they will appear in search results. You can also use advertising to reach a more specific audience. Moreover, Popups are irritating. They disturbs site experience that irritate clients the most. So keep popups only if necessary. Unless it will increase bounce rate.

Where to find the Bounce Rate in GA4?

In GA4 Bounce Rate is no more! The metric is “Locked in Sessions.” And instead of Bounce we see the option of engagement percentage. The less engagement percent the more bounce rate.


Acemakers Technologies, as best digital marketing agency, provides the methods that in what ways you will reduce the Bounce Rate.
High bounce rates (when determined accurately) are, in many cases, side effects create profound issues like client experience issues or poor focusing. You should stress over these things if you want to take care of issues like convenience and client focus.

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