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Whatsapp cloud API is a powerful tool that enables developers to integrate WhatsApp messaging capabilities into their applications using cloud-based technology. With this API, businesses can seamlessly communicate with customers on the popular messaging platform, opening up new avenues for engagement and customer support.

Any organization can use WhatsApp cloud APIs to:

  • You can easily access the service.
  • Created on top of WhatsApp.
  • Interact with customers seamlessly.
  • Connect with thousands of customers via bots or agents.
  • Integrate WhatsApp with CRM and e-commerce solutions.

Advantages of Whatsapp Cloud API

  • It’s ideal for creating leads, qualifying them, warming up old leads, and keeping your current leads engaged with automatic Whatsapp messaging.
  • You may get started straight away by setting it up.
  • Users view 100% of WhatsApp messages, unlike SMS or email.
  • Users may respond with a single tap, so with the appropriate message, you can achieve nearly 100% engagement.
  • It is the finest technique to produce, qualify, and warm up leads because of the high involvement.

Limitations of Whatsapp Cloud API

  • Price: Unlike typical WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp business WACA communications are not free.
  • No interface: WACA is an API-only service, thus you won’t be able to see sent/failed reports or answers unless you utilize a solution like Acemakers Technology, which gives an interface to use WACA just like standard WhatsApp.
  • Dashboard: Our dashboard and reports allow you to monitor the success of your bots and agents in real-time. Learn how users interact with your bot and how you can improve its functionality.

Who Should Opt for This API?

Meta, like cloud service providers, will now act as a hosting service. Meta will be responsible for all maintenance, computing, storage, network, and related charges. Thus, when it comes to who should use Whatsapp Cloud API, here is a list of businesses kinds that will gain the most from it:

  • Small to medium businesses.
  • Businesses having a development partner.
  • In-house social media marketing team.

What is The Difference Between Whatsapp Business API and Whatsapp Cloud API?

The following are the primary distinctions between on-premise business APIs and WhatsApp cloud APIs:

  • Hosting: In the case of on-premises API, WhatsApp BSP assumed hosting charges for WhatsApp business API, however, Facebook would bear all hosting and access charges for WhatsApp cloud API.
  • Maintenance & upgrade costs: Facebook will cover the price of WhatsApp cloud API maintenance, but BSPsmust provides manual upgrades for on-premise WhatsApp API.

Features of Whatsapp Cloud API

  • Integration with third-party apps such as CRM and analytics on top of WhatsApp by developers and enterprises to save startup time.
  • Minimize the expense of external hosting for WhatsApp business API users.
  • Use the WhatsApp cloud API on up to ten devices to control the influx of chats via broadcast and bulk messaging.
  • Options for interactive and personalized messages to attract new clients and boost online presence.
  • Utilize chatbots and other forms of automation with the assistance of third-party solutions.

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