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If you hang around long enough, the term Domain Authority will come up repeatedly in SEO conversations. But what does it mean? What is the significance of this? How do you improve DA, if it is? You’ll learn proven, time-tested techniques for improving your DA in this post. A website’s DA determines its search engine ranking potential. It was Moz’s good folks who invented the term and algorithmic score. These scores are all calculated by measuring a website’s SEO power, regardless of the criteria used to calculate them.

However, in this blog, we will discuss the domain authority important and how it is different from page authority.

What is Domain Authority and why is it important?

Google’s ranking system is easy to understand when you look at DA.

It is somewhat mysterious how Google decides which sites will rank for which keywords. Google shares ranking factors and best practices, but the exact formula for ranking a site is never revealed. A website’s DA is the best tool for analyzing search engine results and determining why certain sites rank higher than others. Sites with a higher Domain Authority perform better than those with a lower Domain Authority. Therefore, high DA scores are directly related to a higher ranking.

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

Authority can be measured both directly and indirectly. Google’s PageRank algorithm, for example, measures the quality and authority of a web page based on links pointing to it that are relevant, quality, and numerous.

The Moz team has created several qualitative authority measures, including MozRank and MozTrust, but perhaps the most notable one is “DA,” which refers to a website’s overall authoritative power.

To focus my discussion on two important SEO campaign, we will ignore some of the technical differences between these terms. There are two types of authority: DA, which refers to the authority of an entire domain, and page authority, which refers to the authority of a single page on that domain. What is the most important of these? How do they differ?

The Bottom Line

It is important to prioritize DA over page authority when it comes to your search visibility. It has greater potential due to its size and long-term nature, and it eliminates the problem of putting all your authority eggs in one basket.

Even so, page authority is still helpful – if you want to emphasize or compete with a particular page in search results, you can increase its page authority to give it an extra boost.

When you are competing for a specific high-value keyword, you should focus on page authority, not domain authority.

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