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In this digitalised world, where everything seems to be available online, there are different ways to earn too. For a company, it has become convenient to advertise products on various diverse platforms to reach the masses. Different forms of marketing have evolved in this hyper-digitalised era, one such form of marketing is Affiliate marketing. It is a new market for promoting or advertising or selling products through ‘the affiliate’. Every time an affiliate recommends a product online, if a customer buys a product through that link, it allows the affiliate to earn a commission. At the same time, it allows the affiliates to earn money without having an actual business of their own. 

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

Affiliate marketing allows the merchant to gain traffic on its websites through the recommendations by the affiliate, thus sales for a product owner increase. Then, the affiliate can derive benefit from the unique link or code associated with their recommendation on various social media platforms or blogs or even websites. 

How does it work?

Affiliate marketing is simply based on how much traffic does merchant receive from the affiliate and thereby causes profit and the incentive or commission that the affiliate gets in return. This relationship is the base of the marketing model using the platforms which were formerly just means of entertainment. So, strategizing the use of such platforms for promotions and recommendations is digital marketing. 

The strategy of affiliate marketing includes: 

  1. Finding and joining an affiliate program. The first and foremost necessary step is to find a suitable brand or merchandise that you can recommend depending on the type of work you do. The amount of profit that you derive from commissions depends upon finding the right programs. 
  2. Choosing the appropriate offers. Depending upon one’s following, the type of offers varies greatly. 
  3. Obtaining a unique code or link associated with the recommendation of the product from the merchandise. 
  4. Sharing those unique codes with your followers on various platforms such as Instagram or YouTube or blogs etc. 

This give-and-take relationship helps to derive benefits from customers to both. It is more significant for the affiliate as there is no investment to it, a feeling of satiety. The affiliate can collect the commission anytime when a customer uses that link or code from the recommendations. 

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