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Most web and mobile Applications require a server-side backend to process and control data, which creates backend development one of the most important components of an application. It acts as an invisible backbone that connects different critical parts of an application while combining the entire application. For us, the key preference for application development and web backend are accuracy, redundancy, security, and of course performance! We cater to a comprehensive backend development professional, which ensure your foundation holds tough, even when you instantly scale up.

API+Backend Development Company: Why Choose Acemakers Technologies?

A combination of programming languages, database management systems, and different development processes and functions, backend development has a great scope and it includes a profusion of actions that help in structuring custom solutions, which are important for building web applications and Software. To make sure of this, we deliver:

Accomplished Project and Content Management Services.
  • Web & mobile application developers with good experience in different backend latest technologies.
  • Custom REST API services & solutions.
  • Interactive & software products & user-friendly or Responsive applications.
  • Test & behavior is driven by development.
Experience in Backend web Development
  • CMS – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others.
  • ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning.
  • ECommerce – Magneto, Shopify-like.
  • Version Control Systems – Git.
  • CRM – Custom/Additional/Opensource.
  • Document Management Software.
  • APIs – Application Programming Interface.
  • Mobile Applications Backend – Integration with other systems.
  • Website Backend – Dynamic Sites, Data Base Management.
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