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A documentary is a general term for a non-fiction film that “records’’ or captures reality in simple way. Documentaries are frequently utilized to convey an unusual, fascinating, or undiscovered perspective. Subjects are only limited by one’s creativity, as evidenced by this massive list of documentary topics provided by site visitors.

Documentary filmmakers are frequently inspired to create films because they believe a specific issue or point of view is not being (adequately) covered by mainstream media. Documentaries can be humorous, sad, scary, ironic, inspiring, amusing, alarming, or any combination of the above.

It is a filmmaking genre that combines video and film scenes, images, and or sounds of real people and actual events to produce a specific tale, viewpoint, message, or experience.

Types of Documentaries

Documentaries are classified into several kinds and categories. This enables filmmakers to push traditional boundaries or combine components from several styles to produce a one-of-a-kind and spectacular film.

  • Poetic mode.
  • Interpretive mode.
  • Participatory mode.
  • Observational mode.
  • Reflexive mode.
  • Performative mode.
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