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Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2022: If the mobile app is not up to date with the latest design trends, it will probably be out of interest for users. It is challenging to make the app look modern and beautiful, considering that the trends are never the same and there is always a new trend.  But following the design, trends is a must for every app developer. We Acemakers Technologies understand that it is not always possible to keep an eye on all the trends in the industry. There are always new guides, animation materials, videos, new image methods and many more ideas that you need to take the time to study and test first.

Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2022 | Top 10 Design Trends- Acemakers Technologies

We’ve got this done for you, and we’ve collected the best design trends and ideas for use in 2022 and set your app design apart:

  • Motion and animation
  • Gesture and swiping experience
  • 90’s style
  • Graphic depth
  • Dark mode
  • Typography
  • AR and VR
  • Gradient and transparent material

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Let’s explore and take a closer look at each trend:- 

Motion and animation

  • We all love to watch videos and spend a lot of time on YouTube. Video content and animation are more engaging and interactive. Statistics show that most people watch explanatory videos before using an app.  The trend of animation and motion design makes the content more attractive. The information is easy to use if you have a real example in front of you.  Unlike static content with long descriptions, animation captures users’ attention and makes the app more attractive.
  • It is always a good idea to highlight the essentials with the animation trend. For example, you can animate your app’s buttons to make user interaction with an app better and easier.  Micro-movements, such as icon animation, can significantly change your application. With animation, you can emphasize the features of the app; improve conversion rate and even sales.
  • Explore advanced animation: Normal movement no longer works for users. Use more complex transitions and differentiate between animation methods.

Gesture and swiping experience

  • Gesture and swiping experiences make mobile devices more attractive than computers. Also, swiping is more fun. We scroll and swipe for hours every day. Buttons and extra actions can be annoying and confusing. This design trend has become one of the top priorities for modern app design. Some app developers don’t even support the use of buttons. Buttons cause clutter and take up too much screen space. And gesture design trends offer button replacement with swipe functionality.
  • It may be helpful to try animation for swipe action. Book apps typically use animations to rotate pages, for example.

90’s style

  • The style of the 90’s has influenced the design of mobile apps in all areas. Designers use retro fonts, images, and graphics like the popular PlayStation games of the 90. With the vibes of the 90’s, you have the opportunity to capture the interest of two generations: young people prefer vintage things and older people feel nostalgia. This trend will not be suitable for every product, but if retro style is suitable for your app, be sure to check.

Graphic design

  • Flat designs and images can be more rigid and straightforward unless they are dull. People like to see more realistic and interactive content. Shadows and layers of graphics give them a 3D effect, volume and depth so that people can enjoy more realistic images. This trend can be used with any element; creating an array of objects on the screen and helping the user navigate the application more easily.
  • 3D graphics can be used in almost any app. For example, developers can create apps using 3D imaging technology that save maps of buildings and interiors. It can become very applicable in games and change the whole experience of the players. So when adding depth of graphics to your app, think of a 3D trend.

Dark mode

  • Dark mode is the biggest design trend that has already been used in many apps. Recently huge developers have offered apps the opportunity to switch between Standard Mode and Dark Mode.  So users can choose what they like. Dark theme design turns the background into dark mode and makes fonts and other elements light / white.
  • Dark Mode is now available on most popular apps for example, Facebook. Switching to dark mode helps people reduce eye strain and navigate more conveniently.


  • Choosing the right font is an essential step in mobile app design. People usually scan content on the internet; they don’t read it.  Therefore, it is worth using a font that will emphasize correctly. Designers have started using unusual fonts. The text no longer looks so annoying and gets lost in the background. The purpose is to make the design brighter and more original.
  • Organize typography to give your app users a pleasurable and readable user experience: set point size, line-spacing, line length, tracking and classification.

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