If You Want more organic traffic, the better the chance of an increase in sales. Organic traffic to your website means that the visitor is interested in your products or services and hence has a lower bounce rate. In PPC (pay per click) you need to pay every time someone clicks on your ad, but in the case of organic traffic, you don’t need to pay anyone even after modification. If your business ranks among the top businesses on Google, there is a higher chance of you dominating your market because Google is better than other search engines and billions of people rely on Google to find relevant solutions. Increasing organic traffic doesn’t require many efforts, if you follow these Ten Ways to Get More Organic Traffic providing by Acemakers Technologies, your business can easily rank higher in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Ten Ways to Get More Organic Traffic, Digital Marketing Company

1. Use question phrases in your keyword:

Research about the questions people ask related to your products or services and leverage them in your keyword.

2. Use long tail Keywords:

Long-tail keywords are generally 3-4 word phrases and they help you connect with your to-be customers. Long-tail keywords drive more organic traffic when compared to popular keywords.

3. Write irresistible headlines:

Catchy headlines are the most important part. If a person isn’t curious after reading the headline, then there is less chance of him visiting your site.

4. Guest Blogging:

Guest posting a blog on a site having high domain authority can give you instant exposure to the targeted traffic.

5. Invite Others for guest posting on your site:

Most probably, they’ll share the link to their article and it will result in new visitors to your site. Also, it will help to keep your business top on SERP.

6. Social Media:

Use social media to spread brand awareness and your latest products/services. The more you update about your business on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, the more chances you’ll have of getting unique visitors.

7. Create Engaging Contents:

High-quality and engaging content can increase your Google ranking, resulting in high organic traffic.

8. Link Internally:

Internal Linking can make the visitors stay longer on your website, hence decreasing the bounce rate.

9. Build Backlinks:

When high authority websites link to your site, it gives a signal to search engines that your site has quality content.

10. Engage with Customers:

Participate in and answer the questions of people about your industry. This will surely help you in creating brand awareness and increase traffic.


Never ignore SEO, on-page and off-page optimization along with the above-mentioned steps can help you to increase organic traffic to your website. If you’re new to digital marketing, you can look for Best IT Company and Digital Marketing Agency in Jaipur, who will help you in getting more organic traffic to your website, increasing conversion rate.

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