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Interactive voice response, is an automated telephone system that engages callers by combining pre-recorded messages or text-to-speech technology with a dual-tone multi-frequency interface, allowing customers to supply and retrieve information without a live person.

How does an IVR work?

IVR is a call routing system that combines current physical phone lines with voice-over-internet protocol technologies. IVR software of Acemakers Technology assists this system by providing automated menus that route calls to the proper departments, live agents, or databases based on the caller’s preferences.

Benefits of interactive voice response software (IVR)

In the long term, choosing IVR software might be beneficial for your company. Here’s how:

  • Improve your company’s customer support: Considering more than half of support calls are unneeded, IVR software ensures that not every contact is immediately forwarded to live employees.
    Additionally, you can keep a record of information about your business, such as its hours of operation, location, and more, that clients commonly ask about. As a result, the support crew can attend to important inquiries, and calls requesting such information can be handled by pre-recorded messages.
  • Improve lead conversion of your business: IVR software makes it easier and quicker for you to attract new consumers than it would be without it because it increases employee productivity and strengthens your bonds with existing ones.
  • Retain the customer, optimize the time, and earn profits: Being effective will help you save time and money in the long run. The customer service departments of Acemakers Technologies must reduce the amount of time on average spent responding to client inquiries in this fast-paced environment.
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