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How can a software development company helps you to get more sales
WhatsApp SMS
Whatsapp marketing software is a bulk message-sending solution that allows you to send WhatsApp messages to millions of customers automatically. It allows you to quickly engage with your customer.
IVR System gives response when it discover voice over mobile, any selection on touch on the keypad and react well in the arrangement of voice, fax, callback, e-mail and other services.
Bulk SMS
In between wireless applications and mobile network operators, a SMS gateway behaves as a relay. The work of SMS gateways, distributed SMS traffic or direct connected with Short Message.
Manufacturer Management
Acemakers Technology enterprise resource planning (ERP) manufacturing software should allow you to monitor and control events across your whole business process chain, from suppliers to manufacturing processes to delivery and customer care.
Accounts Management
Account management is the activity of providing service, support, and improvement opportunities to customers to boost their consumption of a product or service and maximize retention, cross-sell, and upsell chances within the customer base.
Purchase/Sale Management
Creating, directing, and carrying out purchasing strategy. Monitoring and reporting key functional indicators in order to minimize costs and increase effectiveness. Developing bargaining techniques and concluding deals on favorable terms.

Whatsapp SMS

Whatsapp marketing software is a bulk message-sending solution that allows you to send WhatsApp messages to millions of customers automatically. It allows you to quickly engage with your customer. To market your product or service, you might use photographs, documents, and other forms of multimedia. WhatsApp sms helps to enhance sales by creating potential leads for your company and has the highest response rates of any medium.

IVR System – Interactive Voice Response

IVR System gives a response when it discovers voice over mobile, any selection on touch on the keypad, and react well in the arrangement of voice, fax, callback, e-mail, and other services. IVR system is used in utilities, mobile purchases, travel information, payments, and banking services. IVR application includes Telephony equipment, software applications, and telephony equipment.

Bulk SMS Service

In between wireless applications and mobile network operators, an SMS gateway behaves as a relay. The work of SMS gateways distributed SMS traffic or directly connected with Short Message Service Center in short known as SMSC onto a customer’s mobile number. TheAcemakers present the Bulk SMS Service Provider In Jaipur, Rajasthan for transferring the information to various people at a time or within-group in seconds. We offer Promotional SMS, Bulk SMS, and Transactional SMS Service in Rajasthan and Software Development Company in India.

Mobile Dialer Service

The Mobile VoIP dialer or Mobile Dialers uses Session Initiation Protocol signaling and can be integrated into an IP Device or Soft switch to for voice communication purposes. Our Mobile Dialer Software in Rajasthan is definitely helpful to improve customer service or sales with recording and reporting features.TheAcemakers has to build toolkits of telephony application development and call center platform that allows user to establish an intelligent, integrate and automated system by Mobile Dialer Service in Jaipur as well as Software Development Company in Rajasthan.

Check In Check Out Service

Normally when we visit somewhere then we always registered our self by using a handwritten register. This technique doesn’t provide any security of visitor’s personal information. we are a Software Development Company in Rajasthan, Our Check In Check Out Service is a software which is very easy and quick to manage the data of visitors with full of security. Our fully automated check-in and checkout management systems give you professional experience with auditing and the collection of visitor data.

Cloud Predictive Dialer Service

TheAcemakers deal with services based on outbound and inbound blended dialers, also CRM for lead management to live agent calls. We provide a wide range of services including predictive dialer and center software, or in simple we deal with cricket click Dialer, and Dolphin Dialer. On the latest cloud infrastructure technology, our Cloud Predictive Dialer Service is based. Cloud Predictive Dialer Software you don’t need to pay more expenses for server infrastructure and doesn’t matter the size of your office premises.

Air Voice

AirVoice is a very easy and small installable software that helps you to connect with your Service Provider quickly. TheAcemakers AirVoice Mobile dialer is helpful for you to enhance user service in Rajasthan and also Software Development Company in Rajasthan. For a communication purpose, AirVoice Device uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) signaling. For Mobile VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) call, AirVoice mobile dialer is very mobile friendly and easy to use to dialer.

Software Development Services

Software development is a combination of many activities like planning, designing, programming, testing, bug fixing and more, which allow development & maintenance of an application or software. This simple yet vital process is augmenting and enhancing globalization, as well as changing our lifestyle. In this modern technology world, software development & advancement is helping businesses, small and large, reach heights of success. Moreover, so many companies around the worldwide are offering software development services, which suggest companies to stay sprightly, modernization -oriented and to effectively control the changes in the market.

Other profits of Software Development Are: –

  • Boost Productivity.
  • Enhances flexibility.
  • Offers competitive advantages
  • Increases company value
  • Cost reduction: training, licenses, upgrades & more.
Best Software Development Company

If you are finding for pre-eminent software development companies, Acemakers is the place for you. As one of the destiny companies, we offer modernization, sprightly and competitive services for custom software & application development. Our development team’s adherence & adeptness help us deliver attractive & software applications innovative mobile apps that simplify several business processes. We offer the best solutions that simplify the development process applications with big data.

Acemakers is a pioneer in providing next-level business software development services. With our purpose of developing and designing quality software products, we offer a collection of development services that provide to various software project requirements. From start-ups to large-scale company, our developers can work with any development project.

Benefits with Our Custom Software Development Services

At Acemakers Technologies, our Skill full and professional software developers work round the clock to offer competent solutions & services for multifarious business requirements. Our custom software development services allow us to transform your digital fantasy into reality by building goal-oriented and personalised software and applications.

  • Compatible applications
  • Exceptional flexibility
  • Get personalised solutions
  • Increased security and protection
  • Round the clock maintenance and support
  • Tailor made Application development services
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