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How to Get the Most SERP Clicks Without Ranking at the Top of the Page: In our research when we asked a question to many people that what composes a search result click-admirable??? One answer that we normally hear from most of the people is that if I were rank higher on Google’s SERP page then we’ll get more website clicks or visitors. Yes, it is true but partially. All over India, there are several Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies such as Acemakers Technology who is coming under one of the best SEO Company in Jaipur that helps other businesses to get high ranking Organically. But to get a high rank with the help of Organic Result is a quite lengthy procedure and sometimes the competition in the market is very tough so, it is a little hard to get high rank for a new startup. Here we are sharing some points related to How to Get the Most SERP Clicks Without Ranking at the Top of the Page.

How to Get the Most SERP Clicks Without Ranking at the Top of the Page

  • Gauge (measure) your industry’s average CTRs

Every Industry or firm has its own CTR that is received by it. But the important thing is that the financial industry or technology industry has not the same CTR. The CTR of the financial Industry is always higher than the technology industry’s CTR. While doing any business online, always benchmark the average CTR according to your industry and then set a goal for it. B2B and B2C Business Industry have different CTR. According to research, it is stated that the CTR of the B2B Industry is always higher than the B2C. For example, suppose your industry’s average CTR is 3% then it is not possible to set a CTR of 4.1%

CTR is click-through rate is the ratio of Audience or readers who click on a particular link by the total number of users who visit that page, advertisement, or email. There are some useful tips we are providing that will help you to get an idea about what kind of keywords in the Description or Title you can add to start with Ads. To know more- Pay Per Click Services in Jaipur.

  • Relevancy of content

The main objective of the Google Search Engine is to always display the best result as per the user’s query. If you using or writing the best content that is informative also and using good keywords in your post or Meta Title/ Description then obviously it increases your chances to get high click on that post.  The most important thing is the title if your title is attractive and it successful to get more clicks. While writing content always focus on terms such as Keyword Density, Keyword Proximity. Don’t do keyword stuffing. Try to use the Long tail keyword.

There are generally important things you should have to look for

  • Is the content you are providing is informative?
  • Is the content you are using is promising (will there be ROI (Return of Investment) for the user when clicking)?
  • Is the content psychologically or visually appealing?

Include publishing dates for your content

This is very important you have to consider while publishing any post on the website… Every user wants always fresh content, and if the date of the post is publishing over the site then they will click on it. On Search Engine Result Page we can see much time some posts publishing with dates and some are not. But most of the users only prefer the posts which have a date. In short, we just want to try to say, if you want to get good clicks on your posts then you have to start publishing any post with the date.

  • Featured snippets

Have to ever hear about this term “Featured Snippets”?? When any user performs a search query or asked any question. The answer to that question is comes in the form of a paragraph or table, it means for the user there is no need to visit any posts because a user clicks on that post which is showing the most relevant answer to the question asking by the user.  While writing content, your content structure properly for Google Search Engine to observe and choose it up. Any post containing 4-5 positions has also been featured on snippets.  Featured Snippet is only depended on the content you are using.

  • Republish old content with the new date

If you observe your old content is highly relevant and help you to get more clicks, then you can change the old date by the new one. What you have to do, go on editing, click on the which you want to show and click on the “update tab”. How to Get the Most SERP Clicks Without Ranking at the Top of the Page

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