How to find new customers by using Google Analytic Reports

How to find new customers by using Google Analytic Reports: Every Marketer who is promoting their business on digital media platform wants to generate good traffic and leads to their own website. And the second major challenge they face is ROI i.e. return of investment of the marketing activities. If you are a marketer then obviously you are well known with these challenges. The main objective of the marketing is to achieve good conversion, leads and traffic and when you unable to generate these, than that are the saddening situation.

How to find new customers by using Google Analytic Reports

When we discuss with our clients about the challenges they face such as why they are not getting enough leads, traffic and conversion then we mostly get two answers first is marketing efforts doesn’t working properly and the second is they don’t have any idea that their marketing strategies is working or not.  In the answer we simply suggest them to install Google analytics because Google analytics all the important details about your website’s traffic, leads or conversion. On the below section we are telling you the complete procedure for download the analytic and how to use it

Install the Google Analytics

  • First you need to sign up in the Google account, Google account will automatically connects you with Google Analytics account. Click on the Sign Up button given on the right top of the corner.
  • Now you need to setup the account, for this you need to copy the code available in the analytic account and past it below </head> in the header.php file into your website.
  • On the left side of the page click on the “Audience Overview Report”.
  • A new page will be open, now you can check your monthly, weekly or daily audience report, it is very useful.
  • It also display the total number of users, page view and session along with average session duration, percentage of new sessions and bounce rate.
  • On Google Analytics you can measure your website traffic. Monitor your Website traffic is the first thing.

Site content report

Know about the importance of Site Content. Content is the thing that helps your site to improve your passive traffic to your website, increase your rankings and lead. By adding appropriate, unique or relevant content you can only helps you to build more customers. For more details and any query visit

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