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Event management is the application of project management to the creation and development of large scale events. In this we schedule an event so that it can be run smoothly as the client desired and in case if there is any problem we resolve them. In this we are responsible for the event from start to finish. We use to organize events such official events, Marriages , Birthday party or any festival events.

ThAcemakers is most reputed entertainment and brand activation Management Company. We have cargo of high profile events up and we doing better to prove our creativity not just in Rajasthan but in India Also. We have a good experience to deal with sports, wedding,  planning, branding. TheAcemakers derives its strength from the dynamism of its team that consists of highly qualified young professionals. TheAcemakers believed in a principle of involving highest level of creativity and honesty while providing solutions to the clients. We consider business means honest relationships. 

What Do We Do?
We are dedicated to create dream weddings. We offer holistic solutions, either as customised, beespoke service or in a packaged format. Our wedding reflect your lifestyle and personality, and we work closely with you to create unforgettable moments and lifelong memories.

Sports Management:
We have a wealth of experience in all types of sporting events.

Why the event? Who is it for? Draw up the blue prints, pay attention to detail, leave enough flexibility to rearrange some elements and engage your audiences.

How will what I do in this event influence and affect my brand? When we do an event for you we extract the opportunities out of every window available to bolster your brand image & etch it in the top of the mind of your stakeholder.

Do we understand our audiences? We are constantly thinking of ways and means to reach out and convey the message to all stakeholders in an impacting manner.

Services Offered:
Conference & Seminars; Product Launches; B2B & B2C Events; Networking Events; VIP Visits; Facility Inaugurations; Award Functions; Brand Extension Exercise; Theme Based Events; Corporate Events; Advertisements.