Cloud Predictive Dialer Service

TheAcemakers deal with services based on outbound and inbound blended dialers, also CRM for lead management to live agent calling. We provide wide range of services including predictive dialer and center software, or in simple we deal with cricket click Dialer and Dolphin Dialer. On latest cloud infrastructure technology our Cloud Predictive Dialer Service is based. Cloud Predictive Dialer Software you don’t need to pay more expenses for server infrastructure and doesn’t matter the size of your officer premises. Our Cloud Predictive Dialer is not the predictive dialer agent, it can also do inbound blended calling. Predictive dialer agent can access or login the campaign with the help of web based technology.

It is one of the innovative and creative features of Cloud Predictive dialer Service. There is an algorithm running over dialer so that it automatically start calls of listing of telephone number provided by your agent with the help of algorithm and the best part of the software it that it calculate the time when your agent taking the calls. So it will reducing the chance of a call drop or unanswered. It screen-out the disconnected, voicemail, no response calls, busy number, and if case of any customer is available then it transfer that call to an agent.

Features of Cloud Predictive Dialer

  • By using Cloud Predictive dialer you can quickly moves of groups of agents, manage, control.
  • For high quality leads, power and preview modes are always available.
  • Manage Agent hour’s login details and time for payroll
  • You can export data to CRM and customize forms by API , it saves your time like manual entry
  • Open API allows for data export to CRM & custom forms to save time from manual entry
  • To handling inbound calls, Automatic Call Distribution service is available.