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Whatsapp is increasingly being used as a marketing and consumer engagement channel by brands and businesses. As a result, they must send WhatsApp bulk messages to their customers. Bulk Whatsapp message delivery to your target audience saves time and work. Furthermore, it allows you to successfully sell your products and services. Unfortunately, finding a trustworthy bulk WhatsApp message sender is tough because the majority of them are unofficial software tools.

What Are Bulk Messages?

Bulk messages are marketing messages and part of brand advertising that are delivere to a large number of people (including potential clients) at the same time on WhatsApp. Because you don’t have to type down and send messages to each recipient, bulk messages on Whatsapp save you time and effort. These messages allow you to make the best use of your resources and are an excellent way to communicate information rapidly. There is no limit to the number of persons who can get notifications. If you use the WhatsApp API, those who have not saved your Whatsapp number can receive messages from you. to make your messages more relevant, you can use photographs, videos, and as many characters as you want.

Finally, by including variables in your message template body, you can personalize WhatsApp bulk messages to reach out to clients on a large scale. Customers will consider your brand trustworthy and credible if you provide them with personalized messaging.

Uses Cases Of Whatsapp Bulk Messages

Businesses utilize WhatsApp’s mass messaging not only for user engagement but also for a range of other applications, such as:

  • Making announcements about new products that have been launched.
  • Sharing promotional offers and discounts.
  • Reactivating inactive or dormant users.
  • Keeping customers informed of future events.

How Do I Send Bulk Whatsapp Messages?

You have two options to send bulk WhatsApp messages to your users-

  • Send Whatsapp messages to unauthorized tools.
  • To send messages, use WhatsApp’s official APIs.

An example of #2 is using WATI. WATI is an automated software meant to send Whatsapp messages in mass directly from a PC/LAPTOP. It is built on top of the official WhatsApp business APIs. The WhatsApp API allows you to send a WhatsApp bulk message to a much bigger audience than the 256 contacts allowed by WhatsApp. Advanced features include multi-user functionality and Whatsapp bulk message scheduling.

Sending Bulk Whatsapp Messages Using Unofficial Tools


  • No need to get Whatsapp API approval.
  • There is no need to approve message templates before sending.
  • Use it for both personal and business messaging.
  • Simple to install or easy to set up.


  • As WhatsApp’s platform evolves, many unauthorized solutions may cease to function.
  • Due to our lack of integration with WhatsApp, we may not be able to accept WhatsApp phone numbers.
  • There is no way to obtain green tick verification.
Sending Bulk Whatsapp Messages Using Official APIs


  • There’s no need to be concerned about WhatsApp blocking your phone number.
  • Build auto-reply chatbots.
  • It has the potential to be an excellent marketing tool for small enterprises.


  • It is necessary to approve the business API.
  • Whatsapp must pre-approve templates-promotional messages are not permitted.
  • Not for personal use.
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