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AMP Latest Updates and News, Need To Know About Google’s AMP: AMP is a Google-supported undertaking to accelerate the transmission of content using a stripped-down code called AMP HTML. Put directly, AMP is an approach to create website pages for static content (web pages with fixed content), that enables the pages to load very quickly than normal HTML.

AMP Latest Updates and News

  • Why you should care about AMP?

If users or readers visiting your website to read information from your articles/ blogs/news segment, then it is directly indicating that you need to start in Google’s Mobile Outcomes by making an AMP version of your information provided in your website to Google incorporating AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

For example, Let’s assume 4 different websites are serving 4 digital marketing tips on the same topic and just a single website among them is serving an AMP version of that blog/article/news. In that case, the content having the AMP version would appear above the other searches.

  • Google Brings “AMP Stories” in SERPs

Google will utilize AMP to rapidly provide content on mobiles without clients clicking through to a site to see the information. You can see a demo of AMP inside Google’s list items here in case you’re perusing this article on a cell phone.  You can check the demo of AMP inside Google’s SERP if you are looking for this blog on the mobile. For more details and updates visit

For instance, the best stories segment of Google’s Outcomes on the example above show AMP forms of ‘NASA’ regarding news stories, above both the news and standard outcomes for that inquiry. This is a great advantage for them who have building AMP versions of their articles/ blogs to rank high on Google Search Engine Result Page.

  • Google Introduces AMP for Email

The new feature of AMP incorporated with specifications of emails.

Google has presented the AMP system for Gmail. As of now accessible just to web developers, it is expected to be accessible for all clients before the finish of 2018.

Feature of AMP for Email

  • Install widgets permit for constant content updates.
  • This empowers clients to click, browse or action any occasion from their email without going by another site.
  • Expands engagement and intuitiveness from email.

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