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2018 Meta Title & Meta Description Length: As we know how meta description of every page or post is important, it directly after on your website ranking on SERP. Meta Description is the major factor of On-Page Optimization. In this article, we share our thought so that it will be easy for you next time going to write meta description for your page or post.

Meta Description is the main component of “on-page SEO,” but they are not noticeable on the page itself. They are coded inside a particular page and give an idea to web crawlers and users what the page belongs to. When we do any query on the search bar of any search engine result page then search engine displays the top results as per your query. After the title there is 3-4 lines description is given on every post that is called Meta Description. Remember one thing your description should always be unique.

2018 Meta Title & Meta Description Length | Acemakers Technologies

Here we explain how meta description is important to search engine ranking: A well specifies page description on a Search Engine Result Page can pull a reader’s navigate to the page or article it describes. On the other side a poorly written description will miss out this excellent opportunity, it fails to attract visitor due to it that page does not get the traffic as much the page who have well-written description get. Even search engines also think that the valuable description of the page is much useful and it gives good ranking on SERP. (Obviously, there are different characteristics that help to decide rankings, however, we’re talking about the impact of page description.) To explore more visit: Best Digital Marketing Company in Jaipur.

What is a Meta Description?

A Meta Description of any page or post is a part of HTML code contact contained with the segment of a site. If you are using WordPress, then popular plugin like Yoast SEO will help you to customize the Meta Title or Description and other On-Page SEO Factors.

How long Should Be a Size of A Meta Description be in 2018

As per new updates the Maximum size of Meta Description must be 320 characters with a target range somewhere 280 to 300 characters at least. Start updating your old post or pages of the website and add a new unique character in the Meta Description.

Update February 2018:

Not surprisingly, we noticing the increment in click-through rate for a few results where we have expanded the size of the meta description.

Step by step instructions to Write the Best Meta Description for Google

One of the principal things you ought to do is to check your best search engine result pages. Start improving your meta depictions by doing things like:

  • Using the 250-300 characters on your every post or page
  • Ensuring it has your focus keywords
  • Make sure that meta description well matches with you content
  • Ensuring each page on your site has a unique meta description.

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